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1 Tashkent. A Holy Tree Stump in the Cemetery in the Old City.

2 Samarkand. Arch at the Tomb of Turkan Agha at the Shah Zinde complex, built 773/1371

3 Chimgan. Crossing the Sandy Pass

4 Tashkent Feast

5 Transcaspian Types. Prayer.

6 Types of Uzbek Children

7 Kazi, Judges of the People

8 Tashkent. Old City and Mosque

9 Tilling the Earth in Central Asia

10 Views of Turkestan. Tashkent. Street in the Old City.

11 Palace of the Emir of Bukhara at Yalta

12 Asian Dance

13 Types of Turkestan. Samarkand. Camels of the Steppe.

14 Sarichilek Lake

15 Views of Turkestan. Samarkand. Ancient Mosque of Shah Zinde.

16 City of Andijan. Kirgiz Women of Andijan District.

17 Bukhara. Old Artillery.

18 Views of Turkestan. Samarkand. Outside View of the Mosque of Tamerlane.

19 Samarkand. Mosque of Shah Zinde Constructed by Abdul Aziz in 838/1431.

20 Tashkent. Medresse of Kogol Dash in the Old City


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